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Moving Datacenters


We will have to move datacenters by January 31st, 2024. By “have to”…we have no choice. After just shy of 10 (TEN) years with this datacenter….we received an email to which opened a ticket automatically by their system. I replied…there was a small exchange. I had to double reply as there was no response from them for 6 DAYS! Imagine if I were to leave you as a customer on read for 6 days only to reply with the response they left me…no help whatsoever. Imagine how upset you’d be…that is me, right now. I have been very angry over this.

I am so sorry this has to happen. I am looking for us a new place to call home that will be reliable. Once I find some options to try (and have the funds for), I will get into our Beta discord to give people access. This, by the way, will cost me to find a new home because servers are not free to just test (that’d be great lol) and I have to also pay for the software to put onto the servers which also isn’t free so please bear with me as my husband will be trying to help with footing the bill to help us out.

All updates will be posted here so please keep an eye out.



Thank you for understanding. –Lexxi

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