Holiday Hours


Hostcrate celebrates the following holidays and as a result will not be open for business. Staff members are NOT obligated to work on these days. The owner of Hostcrate may need a reminder 😉

New Year’s Eve December 31st

New Year’s Day January 1

Please note I may take a personal week off (5th to the 13th) for my mental health as my mom’s unexpected, sudden death has taken a HUGE toll on me so please be kind & understanding

My Mom’s Death Date January 5th
My Mom’s Birth Date January 13th

Valentine’s Day February 14th

Easter Day/Weekend Depending upon when it falls on each year

Independence Day July 4

Labor Day 1st Monday in September

Veterans’ Day November 11

Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November

Day after Thanksgiving 4th Friday in November

Christmas Eve December 24

Christmas Day December 25


As the owner of Hostcrate, I may close on the following personal days that are important to me for my personal mental health and/or to celebrate with close family and friends privately. Please understand and respect that, thank you.

January 5th – The anniversary of my mom’s death

January 13th – My mom’s birthday

February 18th – My birthday

November 3rd – My hubby & I’s anniversary

December 11th – Hubby’s birthday
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