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Sponsor A Rental Payment Kiosk

If you help us grow Hostcrate by placing one or more of our Rental Kiosk Signs at your highest traffic in-world location, we’ll gladly offer one of the following:

-Receive 25% Off for your stream (one) OR
-Receive 10% from every payment made at your kiosk location

You will be listed as part of our Official Payment Locations!

Payment kiosks will be actively monitored. In the event we notice that your kiosk has been removed or hidden, the kiosk will be deleted and all offers will be removed. You’ll also not be allowed to re-sign up. Please note that the payment kiosks are only offered to active business locations. To receive more than one rental kiosk, you must have a significant amount of traffic without the use of bots.

If you’re interested, contact LustyLexxi Larimore directly.

*Note: We no longer offer an affiliate program as people were returning rental boxes causes an issue with losing customer information from the returned boxes. We’re sorry about that but this is an option if you would like to continue to support Hostcrate.*

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